Add Interest with Pinterest


Compassion’s letter writing idea board on Pinterest

If you feel like letters to your sponsored children are boring, recounting the same details month after month, Compassion’s Pinterest board “Letter Writing Ideas” might be just the thing to help you.

Rest assured, your children love to hear from you no matter how little or how much you write. But this board has lots of great items to print and send to your children, so you can continue to show your love for them in new and creative ways.

There are templates to make handmade envelopes, instructions for homemade bookmarks and directions to make puzzles for your children. If you aren’t feeling crafty, there are also lots of things to just print and send, like coloring pages, maps and how-to-draw pages.

Go to for many more ideas.

Dreams of Mothers


Jose, 6, of Bolivia, and his mother.

Love, happiness, good health and a relationship with God – those are the things I want most for my children. After all, they already have the basics like food, water, clothing and a home.

But many children around the world do not have those basics. And without those, how can their mothers move beyond the basics and dream for more for their children? How can they work toward those bigger dreams?

Compassion’s Child Survival Program can help. This program operates in Africa, Latin America and Asia, providing both education and support to mothers in need. This includes prenatal care, growth monitoring, oral rehydration therapy, breast-feeding support, immunization, female literacy, food and family planning.

Today this program serves 27,652 children and 28,373 mothers, giving them the help they need in those critical early years. Statistics show it’s working. While 12 percent of babies are premature in the developing world, only 3 percent of babies are premature in the Child Survival Program. Also, an infant in Compassion’s program is six times a likely to be a healthy weight as a child in the developing world.

With a monthly donation of $23, you can be a child survival advocate by supporting this program. Click here for details, and please consider helping mothers around the world to have bigger dreams for their children.