Gift Photo – Bolivia


Daniel and his family purchased many items with a recent financial gift: sugar, cooking oil, detergent, two bags of noodles, tennis shoes, sweatpants and t-shirts. Daniel writes, “Thanks for the gift that you sent me because it was a blessing for my family and my life…. We send you a picture of us, and it was taken at our house.”

Art Spotlight: El Salvador

As part of my ongoing series titled “Art Spotlight,” here are some drawings by Eliasar in El Salvador. Eliasar is 12 years old, and he always puts a lot of variety into his drawings, choosing different topics with each letter he writes.


March 2014


September 2013


June 2013


January 2014


November 2013


July 2013

If you are interested in sponsoring a child through Compassion in El Salvador, please click here.

Sponsorship Opportunity

As a child advocate with Compassion, I have five children for whom I am currently looking for sponsors.

These children are all from Nicaragua, where I will be visiting during the first week of October. I have a special offer for anyone who sponsors one of these children: I will carry a gift to your child for you.

This is a unique opportunity to connect with your child by picking out and surprising them with something outside of Compassion’s mailing guidelines. By Compassion’s guidelines, only paper products up to 1/4-inch in thickness can be mailed due to customs restrictions.

In the past, I have been blessed with the chance to send special gifts to my own sponsored children, and it has been so fun to choose something special to send, then to hear from the child later how much the gift was enjoyed.

Please consider sponsoring one of these precious children or praying for them to be matched with a sponsor soon.


Alisson, 4, lives with her parents on the plains of Reparto Schick in Nicaragua, where the average monthly income is $97. Her father works as a laborer, and there are two children in the family. Alisson is in Kindergarten and enjoys playing with dolls and playing ball games and group games.


Three-year-old Jefry lives in the community of Barrio Motastepe, Ciudad Sandino, in Nicaragua. The average monthly income here is $100 per month. Jefry lives with his parents, and his father is a laborer. He likes playing with cars and playing ball games.


Crisbel is four years old and lives with her parents. There are two children in her family, and her father is a laborer. The family lives on the plains of Neighborhood Hamburgo, where the average monthly income is $45. Crisbel is in Kindergarten and enjoys playing group games.


Milton, 4, lives with his parents, and there are two children in the family. He lives in the community of Barrio Motastepe, Ciudad Sandino, where the average monthly income is $100. Milton’s favorite activities are soccer and other ball games.


Brandon will be 7 years old on Aug. 7. He lives with his mother, who is employed as a laborer. There are three children in the family, and they live in Barrio Motastepe, Ciudad Sandino, where the average monthly income is $100. Brandon is in Kindergarten and his favorite activity is soccer.

Preparing to Meet Esteban

Esteban, 8, lives in Nicaragua.

In less than three months, my son Aidan and I will travel to Nicaragua. It is a trip I have been dreaming of making since I first became a Compassion sponsor in 2010.

While there, we will have the opportunity to spend a day with Esteban, who is among some of the very first children I sponsored in 2010. For almost four years, Esteban and I have been exchanging letters, and very slowly building a relationship.

Through photos, I have watched Esteban grow from a chubby little 5-year-old, who looked just past being a toddler, to a taller, thinner 8-year-old boy.

I remember the day I chose to sponsor Esteban. While looking through the many faces of children available on the Compassion web site, his sweet little face stood out. When I clicked on the link to read his profile, I found out his favorite sport was baseball. I was sold. How could a life-long baseball fan pass up this boy?


The first photo I saw of Esteban when I sponsored him in 2010.

In his first letter, he wrote that he wants to become a doctor when he grows up. So not only a baseball fan, but a boy who can dream!

He lives with three brothers, very close in age to him, and it seems he sometimes lives with his mother, and sometimes with his grandparents. We’re collecting some small items to bring for him to share with his brothers! They live in a rural area, about 6 miles east of the country’s capital, Managua, which is where our visit will take place.

As I re-read his letters in preparation for our upcoming meeting, my heart melts again each time I come across one of his requests for me to visit him. I am so thankful that it will happen soon!