Gift Photo – Bolivia


Daniel and his family purchased many items with a recent financial gift: sugar, cooking oil, detergent, two bags of noodles, tennis shoes, sweatpants and t-shirts. Daniel writes, “Thanks for the gift that you sent me because it was a blessing for my family and my life…. We send you a picture of us, and it was taken at our house.”

4 thoughts on “Gift Photo – Bolivia

  1. berry31 says:

    What an amazing photo!!!! He has a beautiful family. It’s so fun to see everyone!!

  2. I know – I love seeing his family members along with him!

  3. Isnt that amazing! I sent a gift to my sponsored girl in India and her family bought a roof. Literally, a roof! I didnt send a lot and it bothered me that such a small sum could provide so much and why hadn’t I done it before.

    • It really is incredible how they can do so much with something that seems so insignificant to us. Your girl and her family must have been so blessed to be able to build a roof – that’s great!

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