3 thoughts on “I’ve Sponsored a Child…Now What?

  1. Isabella says:

    Hi there! Thanks for the innovative ideas 🙂 I recently sponsored a child through the Compassion website – do you know how I can obtain a hard copy of the child’s picture folder to be mailed out to me? Or is it all done online now? And I’m slightly confused how you can send letters to be mailed (only option I have been able to access is the e-cards from my Compassion account). Any feedback woul be appreciated – many thanks, Isabella

    • Isabella – congratulations on sponsoring a child! Compassion will mail you a hard copy of your child’s photo, but to obtain a much better quality copy of the same photo, you can e-mail Compassion and request them to e-mail a digital copy to you. That way you can upload it to your favorite photo web site and order copies. As for writing, you can send letters through the mail. Just be sure to include your sponsor ID number and your child’s name and ID number on anything you send. There should be a mailing address on Compassion Australia’s web site. I see Compassion Australia also has a letter-writing kit, which you can receive by calling or e-mailing them! It’s under the letter-writing link on the web site. You can also write to your child on Compassion’s web site. When you do this, the letter is printed out by Compassion and sent to your child. I generally rotate between the two options, but you will find a system that works best for you after a little while. Also, whenever your child sends you a letter, you will receive a sheet of stationery on which to write a reply, as well as a pre-addressed envelope. I hope this is helpful, and again, congratulations!

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