Looking for Sponsors

I’ve recently become an advocate for Compassion International, and these are the first two children for whom I need to find sponsors. Please contact me if you are interested!


Daniel, 8, of Dominican Republic

Daniel is 8 and lives in the Dominican Republic with his grandmother, who is employed as a laborer. There are four children in the family. The average monthly income in his community is $88/month.

Daniel’s household duties are running errands and making beds. He enjoys rolling a hoop and hide-and-seek. Daniel attends church activities and Vacation Bible School, and his performance is average in primary school. His birthday is June 8.


Constante, 6, of Togo

Constante is 6 years old and lives in Togo with both of her parents, who are sometimes employed. There are two children in the family. The average income in their community is $56/month.

Running errands is Constante’s household duty. She likes playing with dolls and playing group games. Her performance in primary school is average, and she regularly attends church activities and Bible class.

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