Compassion’s Blog Month

September is Compassion’s Blog Month, and it’s a good chance to read well-written posts by people who have a passion for children in poverty.

Each week, Compassion will assign a writing prompt to its bloggers, with the goal of finding sponsors for 3,160 children. If you are a blogger and would like to participate, just click on the photo.

ImageAnd if you just want to read what others are writing, please visit the following links:

Katie’s Post: A Conversation With My Childhood Self

Alicia’s Post: To My Child Self

Hannah’s Post: Talking to My Childhood Self

Breanne’s Post: Breathe.Pray.Try.

Kimberly’s Post: Time Warp…

Brandilyn’s Post: Mi Patitos, Mi Patitos

Amanda’s Post: Letter to my smaller self

Teresa’s Post: A letter to my younger self

Beverly’s Post: Letter to Childhood Bev

Miranda’s Post: Dear Me

Be sure to check back throughout the week, as I will continue to add more links to this post. You can read my first post for Blog Month, titled “A Letter to Myself,” on my home page.

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