Compassion Bloggers visit Uganda

This week, the Compassion bloggers are visiting Uganda. It’s only two days into the trip, and these talented writers have already shared many wonderful stories.

You can follow along by clicking here.


You’ll read about a young girl who is able to smile again after growing up on the run from the Lord’s Resistance Army. You’ll follow along as another young girl gives a condensed and humorous presentation of her daily life. You’ll meet a young boy who, despite a tough first impression, has a heart for leadership and ministry. You’ll be exposed to poverty, but more importantly, you’ll see Compassion making a difference in the lives of children and families, bringing hope, faith and love to the area.

Compassion’s goal is to find sponsors for 400 children in Uganda this week, and already 109 children have been sponsored. Would you consider partnering with Compassion to provide a child with education, healthcare, nutrition and the gospel? Would you consider bringing hope to a child in need?

Please click here and select Uganda to sponsor one of the 602 children waiting to hear they have been chosen.

Compassion’s Blog Month: Week Four

Last Monday was Compassion’s last week of Blog Month, with a goal of seeing 3,160 children sponsored.

Week Four’s assignment was to choose one of two quotes and write about it. You can check out what bloggers wrote by clicking on their links below.


Bev’s Post: The presence of dignity doesn’t mean poverty is absent

Katie’s Post: Dignity

Amanda’s Post: The presence of dignity doesn’t mean poverty is absent. My thoughts…

Brandilyn’s Post: Poverty: Why Can’t We Just Fix-it?

Breanne’s Post: Solve versus Serve

And if you’re ready so sponsor a child, please click here. There are 3,202 children waiting to be sponsored right now.

Compassion’s Blog Month: Week Two

This is week two of Compassion’s Blog Month, where the goal is to finish the month with 3,160 children sponsored.

Each week, Compassion assigns a writing prompt to its bloggers, and this week’s assignment was “three things about one word.” You can check out each talented writer’s take on the assignments by clicking on the links below.

ImageTeresa’s Post: Three Things About One Word

Hanna’s Post: Apathy

Katie’s Post: Hope

Breanne’s Post: Remember: One word, Three thoughts (plus a bonus)

Beverly’s Post: Fear

Kayla’s Post: One Word: Color

Amanda’s Post: Choose one word?

Alicia’s Post: Why are We Silent?

If you are a blogger and would like to participate, just click on the photo.

And if you are ready to change a child’s life, and yours, click here to sponsor a child.

Travel to Nicaragua


It is my deepest desire to visit my sponsor children at some point. As I try to work that out, I’ll be doing the next best thing this week.

All week, four talented writers are visiting Nicaragua on a Compassion Bloggers trip. Each day, they will visit Compassion’s projects and offices, interacting with staff and children, and coming face-to-face with the poverty that is reality for our sponsor children.

Then, each evening, these women will write about the day’s events, although that description doesn’t really do justice to their task.

It was a trip just like this that first introduced me to child sponsorship. In September of 2010, Compassion’s bloggers visited Guatemala, and after that, I was hooked. Since then, I eagerly look forward to these trips, where I can follow along and visit these countries through the words on my computer screen.

Compassion picks writers who are talented, and who manage to bring the experience to you with detail and emotion. You won’t regret taking some time each day this week and reading their posts. 

To do this, go to And don’t forget to check out posts from past trips as well. They’re still available at the same web site.